Fear or nervousness is caused by the inability to accept the negative outcome

The problem of fear or nervousness is more often than not the real reason why talented people can’t get themselves to exhibit. Despite the fact that you are good at something…the whole talent gets eclipsed by fear. Many brain waves which might have changed the world for the better have been squashed, destroyed only because the people who had thought of them were afraid or nervous to implement. Maybe you are one of the people who thinks of great ideas but lacks the ability to implement.Think of where you could have been,what you could have accomplished had you only put forward your idea.

Well if you are still reading this its because you want to understand the real reason behind your fear and how to control it. I believe fear or nervousness is caused by the inability to accept the negative outcome…you think of what could go wrong with whatever you want to do and you just can’t bring yourself to accept it should it go wrong.You then start to be afraid of implementing …now the only way you can control that fear is if you accept that not everything works the way we plan.Be willing to accept failure and any disaster which is a consequence of your plan.In other words confidence becomes the acceptance of the negative outcome.Confidence comes when an individual accept that there is bound to be failure… have the “I will never know unless I try attitude”. In Napoleon Hill’s book titled ” think and grow rich” he tells a story of the soldiers who were out numbered and so they sailed to the other side of the river where they were going to battle with their enemies .The commander told his soldiers to burn all their boats they were not to retreat whatever happens. The Commander said,”we either perish or win”.Such a statement shows they were willing to accept the outcome of perishing hence they confronted their adversary with bravery and confidence consequently they won.

Accept that things could go wrong and be willing to live with the situation which h comes when things go wrong .That’s were confidence comes from…it is the” I have nothing to lose feeling.”From now on go and be a confident person, get things done !!!

Remember to accept the negative outcomes …be willing to live with the failure outcome.

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