A few tips that will change your life in 2019

Follow them and see what happens!!

  • Stop believing in the shitty concept of fate…its high time you take responsibility of your own failures and successes. Stop blaming everything on creation .Stop saying,”that’s the way nature intended it to be” each time you fail. Take the blame for every move you make .Make your own destiny!!!Be a problem solver
  • Be optimistic…. The way you contemplate at or upon a situation is the same way it presents itself to you .If you think you will fail you will.If you think you can win you will
  • Capitalize on your problems… Many people look at problems and see a detestable misfortune impeding their way to greatness but a success oriented person sees moments of fortification …problems he understands them to be a chain of events that will shape him to be a strong and formidable person in life.

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