The power of your mind.

Everything is created in the mind before it is created in the physical form. That is everything …even the most greatest inventions started as a brain wave .Each time when you think of something you visualize and feel…during this process our bodies send vibrations which connect you to those things. These vibrations can only be created by emotions of love(desire)and belief.

Our mind is the most powerful tool I have ever witnessed….you can create anything and do anything, achieve anything if you believe.

The concept of belief might have several times been taught by gurus which I’m not but from my experience let me hasten to say it is true …anything can be achieved with belief.

I have once been interested in the philosophy of hypnosis. I read virtually everything on hypnosis and watched videos where this amazing practice was being done. I learned there is the part of our mind which is called the sub conscious mind which acts upon anything repeatedly suggested to it…no matter how absurd. I have seen someone being convinced repeatedly that he could not move from where he was because his legs where magnetized to the ground… The man couldn’t move no matter how hard he tried.From this I wanted to use this same practice to persuade our sub conscious mind to develop any quality we so desire…this could be done through self hypnosis by telling your self repeatedly everyday that that you are something.

Say you want to be a confident and composed person …tell yourself everyday with emotions of desire that you are those things …this will compel your sub conscious mind to act upon this consequently you develop those traits.I have never been a confident person but when I came to know if this practice I convinced myself I was until I became.People started to recognize me…I even became a school captain who could speak and motivate a number of people. People voted for me where leadership was needed…this is the power of our mind…to create.So convince yourself of anything by saying it repeatedly everyday,visualize and feel.Anything that you might want will be translated into physical form said Napoleon Hill.

You could wish for a big mansion …believe ,have desire ,visualize and feel it.The subconscious mind will bring a plan from the infinite intelligence which will get you the mansion.Such is the power of your mind.

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