What is the reason why you want it so badly

The most powerful thing I have ever witnessed…the one thing that drives a human being …it compels him to go through the most excruciating pain and suffering but one great thing that inspires me is that no matter what comes,no matter how hard and unbearable it becomes he still says,” its worth it!!!” Nothing can do this other than PURPOSE!!! It is what you must have before you set out to pursue something…it should be something that sets alight the fire in you .It should be something even greater than yourself… HAVE A PURPOSE!!!…are you doing it for your family,to prove your enemies wrong or to prove yourself right ..WHAT IS IT then that wakes you up early in the morning. This purpose can make you tenacious that you will never knucle under …it makes you unstoppable and inexhaustible which is just what you need to achieve. Aristotle said that humans are teleological beings which means we are purpose driven. So have a WHY …why do you want something so badly .That’s why it is said before you give up ask yourself why you started …it will rekindle the dying fire in you …it will revitalize you .Have a purpose,dwell upon it ,meditate then you will become an invincible goal achiever …mentormebezil.com

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